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I’m going to tell you some of the secrets I have used to bring my photography to the next level that has gotten me more exposure with many international awards. Lets face it, their are hundreds of thousands of good to great photographers out their, so you need to be unique and creative. What I found that worked my me, and still use to this day is a skill that I have, not related in any way to photography, but opened the door for me to move to the next level. I’m a licensed electrician that i do not use because I never liked it. I use to cringe at the thought of helping friends finish their basement or garage in exchange for a case of beer. Even though my photography was solid, and I had some business, I still was not were I wanted to be as an artist, and dreamed of the day I could tell my friends,”No Thanks, I don’t do side jobs or electrical work anymore. Furthermore, I am not a big drinker.

Isn’t it frustrating that family members and people in general don’t consider photography or working as an artist to be actually a profession, unless your famous. Many friends and family members would also ask me, “Have you fond a job yet”, “Are you still doing electrical work” I think they thought of photography and art more like playing ij the sand rather than working.

Then one day it hit me while reading a photography magazine. Their was a full page ad looking for photographers that wanted to take a photo cruise to Antarctica. It was $20,000 for 14 days, all inclusive tour. I thought to myself, WOW, who has that kind of money. I did envy anyone that did though, because if I did, it would be myself on that cruise.

Then the light bulb went off. I thought to myself, hmmmmm, I wonder if their might be some type of electrical jobs in Antarctica. After some small research I found a company looking for electricians to work a 6 month contract in Antarctica. Airfare, food and lodging included, plus I will be getting paid while there. How can you beat that, even if you don’t like your day job, you get to do something that you love everyday for the next 6 months. You will get to take pictures of places that other photographers will never get a chance to even see.

I used that same outlook for the next five years and went to many places around the world to shoot some amazing places. I flew for free, ate for free, lived for free, and even got a paycheck. How can you beat that. The icing on the cake is winning some international awards and being published as well.

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Travel Photography

Shooting in Remote Places Around The World

Ancient Tradition Once you find a place that is interesting to shoot, like lets say the Marshall Islands, you need to do lots of research before you go, and make a plan. Its the same as working on any art project, you need a conceptual plan to make sure you have some type of structure while there. This will help you get from point A to B so much easier.

You should also be aware of the weather, and how this might reflect on your camera equipment. This is so very important, I can not stress this enough. A sand pebble can ruin a camera lens and even ruin the inside of your camera. Working in cold climates with cold outside temperatures and warm inside temperatures can also ruin your camera if the proper procedures are not taken. Going from a warm cozy indoor place to the frigid outdoors isn’t going to hurt, except your battery life, but going back into a warm place from the cold can ruin your camera very easily.

When you go from cold to warm or hot, your camera will immediately become filled with condensation, inside and out. This condensation can destroy the electronics of your camera very fast. It will do the same to your lens, and will also fog your lens for up to an hour. you won’t be able to take anymore pictures until the fog clears from your lens.

The best way to handle this is to carry a very large plastic zip lock bag with you. Before you come in from the cold outdoors, out your camera and lens’s into zip lock bags. It should only take about 20 to 30 minutes for your camera and lens to adjust, and you can take them out of the zip lock bags

While I was in Antarctica, I went on an excursion to Robert Falcons Hut. This in itself is a great historic place of interest to shoot. Robert Falcon Scott and the Tera Nova Expedition all died traversing back from the South Pole. This should have been the number one reason I went to Antarctica, and if I was better prepared, I could have had many images that would have been in demand. I went there to shoot fine art landscapes that are unbelievable to see, but not as interesting as Scotts Hut, and The Terra Nova Expedition

Travels to China can be incredible. Some of the villages still look like they are a thousand years old. I especially liked shooting southern China.
Yangmei, an ancient village about 30 kilometers from Nanning, was an amazing place to see. The Village hasn’t changed in over a thousand years. The inhabitants still use the same tools, and live in the same structures that their ancestors passed down from generations ago. It is named after the local fruit called Yangmei. As you walk through this village, you will notice ancient cottages everywhere, and still being used to live in. Some half demolished and falling down, while others still looked very livable and quaint. As I explored deeper into this village, I came across these little alley entrances that were hidden, leading to a whole other world of ancient fascination. Many of these walkways were littered with antique furniture from thousands of years ago. Some of the elders in the village looked very tired and weary, because of the hard work they do with their hands everyday. Some of them even had warped spines, almost like a camel from carrying heavy buckets of vegetables and suck across their backs. I have heard of ancient cities like this, but never experienced it in person. Believe me, it was a memory that is now etched in my mind forever,


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I have worked in many extreme weather conditions, so feel free to ask me anything from clothing to gear protection

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Etsy is a site that I sell many works that I have taken all over the world. I have many different types of work for sale there like, Digital Metal Designs especially made for high end kitchens, Traditional Black and White Infrared pictures of our National Parks out west, including the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and more. Lots of work at night from the Windy City Chicago, and any other series of work. Please feel free to stop by and take a look.

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My passion is capturing special bits and pieces of nature, both in the daytime and at night. I’m inspired be the way clouds form different types of textures, and how strange and unique lighting conditions can turn an average picture into a wondrous masterpiece.

Dreams and the unexplained fascinate me, so I try to use different techniques to give my photos some mystery. Shooting with large format 4×5 film gives me the freedom to create my unique images. I wanted to start shooting national parks, but again I wanted to be different and excited about my images, so I tried some Black & White infrared, and fell in love with the results. For the next few years, I’m dedicating my time and choice of medium to be B&W Infrared Film for now, but will be starting another new series in the summer of 2014.


About Kevin OConnell Photography

I'm a fine art photographer that works with both digital and large format film. I love National Parks and shooting with traditional Black and White infrared. I also use many different traditional techniques with moonlighting, flames, and very long exposures. I also love different cultures, and have worked as a documentary photographer as well. Traveling to interesting places around the world, meeting new people and cultures is what I love.
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