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The Only 7 Photographers You Need To Follow On Google +

The Only 7 Photographers You Need To Follow On Google +

As on 26th February, 2014

Here is my list of photographers to follow on Google +. Earlier I had published a post on the Best Photographers On Facebook. As you probably know that many people have now started using Google +, I made a post which enlists some of the Best Photographers On Google +. I was really impressed when I  young men and women with enormous talent and imagination. I wish them success in their career and in their lives.

Out of the hundreds of photographers I found I selected the seven best and have described them here. All these seven people are extremely talented. THIS LIST IS NOT IN THE ORDER OF THEIR RANKS. I truly feel each of their creation is a visual retreat. You can either  learn and get inspired from them or just let your jaws drop in admiration.  I choose to do both.

If you know any other talented person that I may have missed out please mention them below. :)

Anyways let us start with the list.

1) Michael Bennett Photography

google plus photography michael

Michael is a professional experienced photographer and it is quite evident from his following. Takes amazing photographs in Chicago. If you follow him from a long time you will notice that he takes wonderful photographs even though it is repetitive. For instance I frequently see photos of sunrise, sunsets, architecture taken by him, but I never get bored. Each picture is so elegant and professional. He finds and thinks of so many ways to photograph a certain object. For that you need to be creative.

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2) Erwin Fischer Photography

google plus photography erwin

Erwin loves nature. Have a look at his photographs of various flowers, leaves, lakes, landscapes and you too will fall in love with nature and him. He may have a small following (Mind you, I haven’t compared photographers based on their following) but he definitely is a budding star. There are some photos which he has captioned “ICY”. They are absolutely amazing. Do have a look.

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3) Meleah Reardon

photographers on google plus

 I mostly found architecture and buildings in her profile. Some monuments too. She captures the beauty of the structure with the perfect details and lighting. It would not be an exaggeration to say that her photographs are more splendid than the buildings themselves. It would be a great experience to learn photography and editing from her if you love taking pictures while traveling. Never seen such extensive use of HDR. Pure elegant.

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4) Dubie Bacino

best google plus photography

Dubie Bacino lives in Belgrade. She has a huge following and she is kind enough to share photographs taken by other photographers. Huge variety of photos. I mean literally HUGE. I have been following her from 2 weeks and I never saw a single photograph by her but she still has an enormous following. The best place to get inspiration and ideas. Dubie you are doing a good job helping other photographers. Keep it up.

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5) Kevin O’Connell Fine Art

google plus fine art photographers

Another talented photographer in this list. He has a website named surrealimaging.com where he posts latest pictures taken by him. I also guess he sells and you can check out “Recently Sold” in his website. I find his pictures taken at Zion National Park to be his best. I recommend you to see his Black and White Photographs. Even though they are black and white, he has managed to portray amazing details and visual appeal. Nice work Kevin.

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6) Ke Zengphotographs of  ke zeng on google plus

Takes splendid photographs of nature and people. Ke Zeng lives in California. The best part about his photos are the colors. I find the colors of his photographs rather attractive and eye catching. Look at his cover photo for example. Look at the fiery red clouds. Colors are very important when it comes to photographs, as they form the base for almost everything. He has mastered the art of getting the colors right.

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7) Belinda Shi

belinda shi on google +

Amazing at landscape photography and runs a popular blog where she provides tips to photographers. Lives in San Francisco. My favorite picture is the photography of The Museum Of Fine Arts In San Francisco. She is also a part of a Landscape Photography Show. Be sure to check out a photograph captioned “Three Brothers”.

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About Kevin OConnell Photography

I'm a fine art photographer that works with both digital and large format film. I love National Parks and shooting with traditional Black and White infrared. I also use many different traditional techniques with moonlighting, flames, and very long exposures. I also love different cultures, and have worked as a documentary photographer as well. Traveling to interesting places around the world, meeting new people and cultures is what I love.
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