Getting Ready for the Adventure

I only have a few days to get everything in order before this new adventure begins. I’m typing on here looking around at all my personal things, thinking to myself (F_ _ K !).

I know whats involved with this type of move and usually takes a moth to get things in order. I don’t even have time to sell anything.

My next post here will be from a different country. I don’t know where that will be yet, but will keep everyone updated.

About Kevin OConnell Photography

I'm a fine art photographer that works with both digital and large format film. I love National Parks and shooting with traditional Black and White infrared. I also use many different traditional techniques with moonlighting, flames, and very long exposures. I also love different cultures, and have worked as a documentary photographer as well. Traveling to interesting places around the world, meeting new people and cultures is what I love.
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1 Response to Getting Ready for the Adventure

  1. Still doing some preliminary things before the overseas traveling starts, but decided to work on some images in the next couple of weeks with thermal technology.
    Stay tuned for some results in a couple of weeks.

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